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Vehicle Sweeps

Vehicle sweeps

D-Tect Group believe that cars should be a regular focus point of any TSCM inspection. With their inherent risk and exposure too easily deployed devices and the fact that they are often unattended in public locations and used by multiple individuals. They present a significant risk as tracking devices are easily installed which could be an indication of a possible kidnapping or robbery plot.

Most executives and individuals use their time whilst travelling to make or receive phone calls and covert listening devices are commonly used by organisations or individuals to listen and record sensitive conversations without the knowledge of the occupants.

This bug sweeping service will identify any covert devices and could indicate a further surveillance  operation in progress.


Our TSCM Services

TSCM inspections

The technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) inspections provided by D-Tect Group are professional and discreet.

Vehicle sweeps 

We believe that cars should be a regular focus point of any TSCM inspection.

Business premises

We offer companies and corporations assurance that meetings and discussions can be conducted with the knowledge that sensitive information and strategies are secure.

Residential Dwellings

Our residential services offered are designed to provide our clients with peace of mind that when home they are secure from audio and visual surveillance.

Off premises meetings

Out of office meeting can be a security nightmare as confidential meetings and discussions can ofter be less formal and relaxed .

Accommodation inspections

With accommodation often being provided by outside sources the inherent risk of eavesdropping devices being deployed is heightened.