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Our operatives will arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct TSCM investigation (bug sweep) and are available around the clock. For appointments in Europe we require a 12 hour notice period so travel and accommodation may be arranged.

Our immediate response teams aim to arrive within a 4 hour window dependent on the location in the UK. With multiple Sweep teams at work our aim is to respond to our clients requirements quickly and effectively.

Our periodic TSCM sweeps provide our high profile clients with protection against ongoing threats. These can include stalkers, paparazzi and persistent attackers. With both financial and personal preservation at the forefront of their concerns, this service is tailored to mould around their lifestyles. It includes both booked and rapid response sweeps.

Once the search team has arrived ,they will ascertain the threat level and discuss your concerns along with identifying critical areas and talking through vulnerabilities.

We may ask you to not discuss the upcoming search within the area/premises of concern as some devices can be remotely disabled or transmissions limited if prior notification of a TSCM sweep is overheard.


D-Tect Group places our clients privacy at the forefront of our business. Due to the critical nature of eavesdropping and electronic surveillance it is our goal to protect your communications. We ensure that our clients business and personal integrity is maintained.

Through the rigorous training and experience of our team your communications and personal information remain private and uncompromised. With security breeches and attacks often perpetrated by insiders or trusted individuals amongst organisations we strive to detect, locate and discover covert devices that have been deployed and identify the perpetrators.

Once a device has been identified and located, we will discuss the options available, the impacts of all options. Along with mitigation strategies. Our counter surveillance sweep teams are discreet and professional providing assurance that your discussions and details of your search remain private.

Often our executive and high profile clients request our team sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and we are more than willing to oblige.

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