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Reliable counter surveillance services in a society where information is key


Our clients have one thing in common, they have suspicion/reason to believe that they may be a target of eavesdropping which includes being monitored, tracked, covertly listened to or recorded. With the TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures ) services offered D-tect group provide our clients protection against:

  • Critical business information leaks
  • Surveillance from competitors
  • Malicious revenge threats
  • Blackmail
  • Strategic Monitoring
  • Paparazzi intrusion
  • Business sabotage
  • Adverse publicity
  • Legal civil issues
  • Sensitive communications
  • Divorce disputes
  • Custodial disputes
  • Purposeful embarrassment
  • Corporate & personal espionage
  • Intellectual property theft

Covert Teams

Some of our TSCM services include:

  • TSCM device briefings and protocols
  • Periodic tactical inspections of offices, boardrooms, vehicles, hotels, private planes etc
  • TSCM live monitoring of meeting locations
  • Permanent live monitoring TSCM solutions
  • GPS Tracker detection
  • Residential counter measures sweeps
  • Audio and visual device detection
  • Vehicle sweeps
  • Vulnerable meeting inspections
  • Remote monitoring

Happy Clients

Called with concerns of a tracking device on my vehicle the guys arrived quickly and located a magnetic device on the underneath of my car Over the moon with the service

Simon TreadwellNorth London

Had our offices swept by a tscm team today. The service was thorough and systematic. They located a device hidden in an extension lead ,they recorded the discovery and placed the item in a forensic evidence bag. The team were professional and polite. Will definitely use them again.

Lenny ChristodoulouHertfordshire

Called d-tect group with concerns my ex husband was secretly observing me. They sent 3 operatives and thoroughly searched my property and car and explained the process and methods they use. There were no devices in the property however they made some recommendations regarding some apps on my phone that were showing my location and also suggested changing my Apple ID. I have had no issues since. Well worth the cost for peace of mind

Ronan KavanaghBedfordshire

Comprehensive Service

Discretion & Confidentiality

D-Tect Group places our clients privacy at the forefront of our business. Due to the critical nature of eavesdropping and electronic surveillance it is our goal to protect your communications. We ensure that our clients business and personal integrity is maintained.

Through the rigorous training and experience of our team your communications and personal information remain private and uncompromised. With security breeches and attacks often perpetrated by insiders or trusted individuals amongst organisations we strive to detect, locate and discover covert devices that have been deployed and identify the perpetrators.

Once a device has been identified and located, we will discuss the options available, the impacts of all options. Along with mitigation strategies. Our counter surveillance sweep teams are discreet and professional providing assurance that your discussions and details of your search remain private.

Often our executive and high profile clients request our team sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and we are more than willing to oblige.